Persuasive Public speech in 8th grade

Persuasive Public speech in 8th grade

April 30, 2021

On the 29 of April the traditional 8th grade presentation “Persuasive Public speech” was held in the Odintsovo Campus.

The Hall was splashed with the sound of silence until the 7th grade students came on stage and introduced the presenters to us. As usual the 8th grade students have chosen in particular world problematic issues to which they want to discuss with each other and it’s thought provoking concepts and ideas for the younger students to take the plunge next year. Some students mentioned in their reflections that they learnt something new and it spoke to them in a personal manner. The presenters spoke clearly and loudly with a sense of captivation for their audience, also the presentations were with accurate statistics, resources, clear charts and examples of the particular topics. After each topic was presented the students had a Q & A session which they gave reasonable answers to other students or teachers questions. We the teachers were very proud of the efforts and hard work that was shown and presented to us by the 8th grade students. The 7th graders particular reflections made were:

“Valeria, gave a deep thought out concept of her idea of internal Defense mechanisms”

“Most memorable interesting presentation I’ve seen yet”

“I got a clear understanding of what Persuasive public speech is and now I know I shouldn’t leave it to the last minute to prepare for your opinion to be clearly understood and informed.”

The presenters themselves were happy to see that their worries and pressures were not warranted and they found it rewarding, An 8th grade presenter actually said he liked doing the presentation and he felt he was absolutely ready for this experience.

We wish all our students the best of luck in their school and professional careers, we are looking forward to your new achievements in the near future.


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