For consideration of basic issues relating to activities of MES the Founder sets up a collegial management body of MES – the Board.

The Founder has the right to terminate powers of any member of the Board or to introduce new members to the Board.

The Board acts in accordance with the adopted Rules.

Resolutions of the Board have direct force and are binding upon all participants in the educational process of MES.

The Board develops and adopts documents determining the development and functioning of MES.

Activity of the MES Board is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • acting on an unbiased basis, from perspectives of representation of the interests of an extensive community concerned in the development of MES;
  • each member of the Board puts interests of MES before his own interests or interests of political, national, religious, economic groups and specific minorities , etc.;
  • focusing collective efforts of the Board on the development, planning and monitoring of the compliance by all participants in the educational process with documents determining the MES policy;
  • identifying and formulating educational needs and expectations of parents (legal representatives) and students, satisfying the needs through development and adoption of resolutions and documents that best consider educational interests of each student;
  • furnishing the MES President with powers necessary for the practical implementation of the policy of the Board;
  • establishing and maintaining bilateral relations with various categories of individuals serviced by MES;
  • administering affairs of the Board on a transparent basis by involving a wide range of people in the decision-making;
  • making the work of the Board more effective through professional improvement of the Board’s members and their involvement in research activities.

The Board is headed and run by the Chairperson, elected for a term of 2 (two) years by and from among members of the Board by a simple majority of votes of registered members.