In accordance with the rules existing in MES, parents must express their agreement with the requirements for tuition payment, which is expressed in the signing of an Agreement for educational services at MES, which sets the cost of training and the payment terms, as well as Additional Agreements whenever there is a change in tuition costs. By signing the Agreement and the Supplementary Agreement, the parents assume responsibility for full and timely payments.

In accordance with the Agreement, the payment for a full academic year must be made before its start (under the terms of the Agreement - no later than 15 calendar days before the start of the academic year).

When a student is enrolled in the school after the start of the school year, tuition fees are charged starting from the month of enrolment. The full payment must be made before the date when the student starts school.

Payment options

Payment can be made in cash, deposited at the cash desk of MES, or using a card, as well as by bank transfer.

Services not included in the tuition fee

All educational activities that are mandatory elementы of the curriculum for all students are included in the tuition fee. However, the following services provided by the school are not included in the fee and are due for separate payment:

  • sports classes at "Moscow Giraffes" sports school;
  • music classes at "Kamerton" music school;
  • individual training in various subjects (on the recommendation of MES psychological and pedagogical council);
  • individual and group lessons in subjects outside the compulsory curriculum;
  • after-school care service;
  • meals in the school canteen and cafeteria;
  • medical and wellness procedures outside the scope of educational standards;

The cost of these services is determined by the price list in force at the school or the terms of additional agreements signed by the school and the parents (depending on the type of service).