The Mission of Moscow Economic School is to create a community in which every member continually strives for excellence and everyone is constantly learning from each other.

Moscow Economic School is looking for energetic and highly skilled workers, who are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of education, impacting the lives of our students, and persistently striving to improve our school and the quality of education that is offered.


Founded in 1993, Moscow Economic School was the first school Russian school to receive International Baccalaureate authorization, to become a member of the European Council of International Schools, and the first Russian school to receive accreditation from the Council of International Schools.

Today, MES has earned the reputation as a leader in domestic and international education. We have achieved this through the tireless effort of all our staff throughout the years.

Our teachers participate in international seminars and conferences and have the opportunity through training and workshops to become international examiners, a team of qualified international experts (after training), and trainers of international programs.

Since our founding in 1993, we have always had international teachers working at Moscow Economic School. Our school offers the opportunity for international educators from all over the world to share their experience and grow professionally in one of the top academic institutions in Russia.