High School students at MES, together with their parents and teachers, independently form their own individual academic profile. This profile takes the form of a programme of in-depth study of certain subjects designed to enable students to continue their studies at the top educational institutions in Russia and abroad.


10 Reasons Why Students Should Use the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP):

  • Its wide spectrum of subjects and themes
  • The active social engagement of Diploma Programme students
  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is recognized by the vast majority of the world’s universities
  • Students who have studied the Diploma Programme are regarded as the best matriculates of the world’s leading universities, such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Stanford
  • The unique and distinguishing quality of a graduate of the Diploma Programme is their ability to analyze and investigate independently
  • Graduates of the Diploma Programme can integrate easily into any international community
  • The formulation of a high level of self-organization
  • The development of critical thinking skills
  • A system of education influenced by the methods taught in "The Theory of Knowledge" classes
  • ...And another 10 reasons which are expressed in "A Portrait of a Graduate of the Diploma Programme"

In addition to traditional academic disciplines, the programme offers a variety of specialized courses:

"The Theory of Knowledge" (or TOK) is a compulsory interdisciplinary course, designed to form and develop students’ critical attitudes towards knowledge and experiences, which they gain both inside, and outside the classroom. This course encourages students to consider the foundations of human knowledge, to differentiate between subjective and ideological viewpoints, to develop their own cognitive abilities based on analysis of the evidence and arguments available to them.

The programme "Creativity, Action Service" or "CAS", is an extremely important part of the Secondary School academic curriculum. The CAS programme widens the range of students’ extracurricular activities. Participating in theatrical productions, sporting competitions and various charitable activities inside and outside of school facilitates the development of students’ ability to work with others, to care for others, to share their time and talents with them. The programme gives students the opportunity to put the knowledge and skills, which they have gained, at school into practice.

In order to receive the International Baccalaureate Diploma students must complete their own original investigation and write an Extended Essay of around 4000 words. The realization of such a project gives the student the opportunity to research a theme, of personal interest to them, to learn how to complete an assignment of this kind and to display a mastery of written language, which they will need for their further education in leading educational institutions.

After finishing their studies in 11th grade, all students will sit the "General State Exam". The General State Exam is one of the methods of national assessment, which students achieve upon graduating from educational institutions, having mastered the basic general academic requirements for compulsory education. The General State Exam in Russian Language and the General State Exam in Mathematics are compulsory subjects for final year students, since good grades in these subjects are necessary in order to pass the year overall.

Education in high school is carried out in the following areas of training: