Dear parents, thank you for choosing our school!

Moscow Economic School is an attempt to comprehend and put into practice the achievements of Russian and foreign pedagogical thought.
Here, you can find much of what you have encountered in the best public schools in Russia or in international schools in the world, in a well-structured and systematized form.

When trying to choose our pedagogical principles, we were guided by how much a beneficial effect this or that "new formation" has on the development of the personality of a child studying at MES.

The best educational programmes based on the principles of the International Baccalaureate Organization, the best teachers from Russia, the United States of America, selected by competition, as well as new, individually designed buildings with a full set of high-tech facilities make it possible to set and successfully solve educational problems of any complexity.
Choosing our school, you choose the best education for your child.

Respectfully, Natalia Kadjaya,

director of Moscow Economic School