At MES we take care of the students’ health and well-being.
The school has implemented a full range of measures to monitor the children’s health. It includes a balanced daily routine, exercise and disease prevention.

The structure of the MES medical service: pediatrician's offices, treatment rooms, massage rooms and isolation rooms.

Pediatrician Massage room Treatment room Insulator

The school has a massage room. Massage is an important part of functional therapy, it is used at all stages of rehabilitation and for various conditions. Children who need massage therapy attend sessions in a specially equipped room. The massage is performed by qualified therapists. To correct sound pronunciation, speech therapy massage sessions are also available. This type of activity is also certified and is in demand at MES.

There is a certified driver examination room.

School health services staff members are highly qualified. They can help all students with preventive, as well as acute and emergency care.

MES Health Care Service main functions:

  • acute and emergency care (our health offices are equipped with a cardiograph, a defibrillator and other life-saving medical devices)
  • regular health check-ups and screenings
  • preventing emergencies during the educational process as well as during the breaks and when performing extracurricular activities
  • taking anti-epidemiological and preventive measures.

MES Health Service provides conditions for the students' health protection, which includes:

  • monitoring the health status of students and their individual physiological characteristics;
  • informing parents about the students’ health conditions;
  • maintaining the student's vaccination certificate, notifying parents about the timing of preventive shots;
  • carrying out sanitary and hygienic, preventive and recreational activities;
  • student check-ups, PE group distribution, corrective gymnastics group distribution;
  • students’ meal management

The main areas of the medical staff work:

Medical examination of students

  • Scheduled examinations
  • Screening programmes
  • Check-ups

Preventive care

  • Health assessments (scheduled examinations, acute and emergency care)
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Student health and wellbeing program control
  • Nonspecific prophylaxis of influenza and other acute respiratory diseases
  • Swimming and PE classes attendance control

Implementing quarantine measures, monitoring contact patients (in case of infectious diseases detection)

School Meal Management

  • School-parent meetings to discuss various aspects of nutrition
  • Monitoring the nutrition of students according to the menu approved by the Research Institute of Nutrition and by Federal Authorities
  • Monitoring the drinking regime at school

Sanitary and epidemiological regime maintenance

  • food and water laboratory tests
  • Monitoring the sanitary condition of the school premises, kindergarten, swimming pool and canteen

Maintaining the health of students and providing all their development and well-being are the main tasks of the MES Health Service.