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Cambridge examinations 2021

Cambridge examinations 2021

June 2, 2021
The final event of this academic year for the Foreign Languages department was the international exams sessions in English, Spanish, German and French Languages.

On Wednesday 26th and Saturday 29th May, students from the 6th-8th Grades of the Moscow Economic school challenged the frontiers of knowledge as they tackled their KET and PET exams.

The students did not find the test difficult. «We were well-prepared for our KET exam and we practised in class by doing mock KET exams and watching videos of the speaking exam. This was extremely useful as we knew the procedure when we did the exam»

Here is what our students said about the examination:

«It was a bit scary for me at the beginning, but afterwards I was feeling better because KET wasn't hard» Aileen M. 6th grade  

«KET was a new experience for me and it was fun. In my opinion, I was prepared for the test» Nicole M. 6th grade

«It was my first experience with this type of test. For me, the KET exam wasn't very hard. In my opinion speaking is the easiest part. Reading and writing aren't hard too. But I had some troubles with listening because the sound was bad and sometimes I didn't hear the speaker» Denis K. 8th grade

We are delighted by our students' optimism and look forward to receiving their results in September.

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