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Go Forward - Striving to Break New records!

Go Forward - Striving to Break New records!

May 28, 2021

Athletics is said to be the Queen of Sport because it is one of the most popular kinds of sport and its disciplines see the greatest number of medal events being held at the Olympic Games. This sport includes running, speed walking, jumping, throwing, multidiscipline competitions among others.

It is known that in ancient times, athletics classes were used to improve physical training.

Our athletes fought hard for medals in a competition that included: running 30m, jumping from the spot and ball throwing. The winners in each class are:

1st grade: Samvel S., Lev D., Anna I., Liliana K.

2nd grade: Arsenii K., Daria E., Maria Sh.

3rd grade: Mark P., Viktoria T.

4th grade: Alexandra E., Stepan S.

Congratulations to the winners and all participants of the Spring starts, we wish you all to improve in sports, new personal achievements and new victories!


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