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Last call: Prom of 2021

Last call: Prom of 2021

May 25, 2021

On May 19, the «Last Call» for students of grades 9 and 11 took place in the Odintsovo Campus of the Moscow Economic school.

For all the students this is a long-awaited, solemn, very warm and lyrical day, as their closest friends, parents, their PYP Form Tutors and all the teachers gathered in the hall.

The graduation class is an intersection at which you want to stop for a short time, look into each other's eyes and reflect, remembering the best memories that will remain inside them for many years.

The 9th graders decided to devote their event to the important topic of "Freedom, rights and duties in the modern world," which was the subject of their final interdisciplinary research, which summarizes everything that they had learned during their MYP years. Poems, musical compositions, video plots were sounded that amazed everyone present.

Over the years of study, the artistic abilities of 11th grade students have repeatedly shone brightly on stage. It is not in vain that photos of performances and flash mobs with their participation can be found throughout the school. At «The Last Call» the students invited the audience to take part in the creation not even of the series, but of the film almanac! The main roles, of course, were our graduates and people close to them, and the directors were great writers and screenwriters.

Here are some of our students’ feedbacks on the events:

«Everything was well organized and looked beautiful. Most of all, I was impressed by the musical numbers of the ninth grade. It seems to me that the parents of all the graduates were crying because their children are finishing school and entering adulthood. When I finish the ninth and eleventh grades, I will also cry, because even the saddest moments that were in school will never occur in my life» - Sofia Ch., 6th grade

«When I watched the performance of the ninth grade, I was both happy for my brother, because he had already finished the ninth grade, and sad because it seemed that time flew by very quickly. Each of the performances of the 9th grade was excellent. I can highlight the video shown on the screen, which was full of funny cuts from their excursions» - Ivan V., 6th grade

Ahead are the exams, another step into the new adult life. We wish Good Luck and success to our dear graduates!

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