«Give Joy to Children»

«Give Joy to Children»

April 20, 2021

«Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy»

Ludwig van Beethoven

Classical music is an art form that reflects our entire life through sounds. It helps to establish mutual understanding among people, understand the meaning of life, awaken in them a sense of unity and supports in grief and joy.

Classical music is considered to be serious. It is performed by whole orchestras, ensembles, soloists. This music differs from others in the variety of artistic techniques and the depth of the transmitted experiences. It began its development in ancient times and is still developing, occupying one of the first places in world culture.

For many years, people have been listening to the harmony of sounds, in which everyone finds their own, sees the world in colors, acquires faith and hope.

This kind of music is an invaluable gift given to mankind by geniuses who were able to see everything and convey with sounds. Classical music plays a huge role in the formation of aesthetic tastes of a person, helps to think creatively and makes us more open-minded.

On April 15, the Charity Fund of the Moscow Economic School organized the 5th School Philharmonic Charity Concert within the framework of the "Give Joy to Children" program.

The project manager is Marina Georgievna Gorbenko, candidate of pedagogical sciences, music and World culture teacher, has been working as an IB MYP teacher since 1994. Marina Georgievna has been awarded with a diploma from the Moscow Department of Education, a Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and also holds the title of "Teacher of the Year at the MES"

Talented musicians - students of the Russian Academy of Music named after V.I. Gnesin - scholars of the MES Chary Fund, performed works by brilliant authors of the past and present - compositions by the brightest representatives of the Russian musical school.

«Music reigns autocraticly and makes you forget about everything else»

W. Mozart


"We really liked the concert, which was organized by the students of the Gnessin Academy. The concert was dedicated to the music of different nations of the world. I really liked the jazz with the participation of saxophonists and flamenco music performed on the guitar. We were amazed by the skill of playing music and mastering the instruments!" Grade 8 students

“We really liked the concert. The students of Gnesinka demonstrated excellent command of the instruments. The music was lively and fun and the atmosphere was that of spring. I especially liked the dombra and the harp. After all, it is very difficult to play on it, as there are many strings and pedals to press. Great concert" Andrey K., Sergey K., Grade 7


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