PYP exhibition

PYP exhibition

April 9, 2021

On Wednesday, the 7th of April, in the Zaitsevo campus of the Moscow Economic School, the annual PYP exhibition (PYPX) took place. The students of the 4th grade showed their astonishing skills and knowledge they have acquired during their time spent in the PYP. The PYP Exhibition is their first big step in the IB journey and an opportunity for each student to demonstrate their skills as an individual inquirer.

The theme of the PYPX-2021 was “Progress is inevitable and unstoppable”. Students noticed that the world around us is in a process of constant development.

They were divided into groups according to their areas of interest and each group inquired into their own topic.

Our students chose to study these areas: “Progress in the Education”, “Progress in Medicine”, “Progress in the Art and Architecture”, “Progress in Security”, “The Science of Cosmology”, “Bionics and Nature Studies”. The Exhibition-2021 happened to be full of surprises. The children expressed themselves in a creative way – you could see hand-made models, a picture exposition, cartoons, a dance performance and even a musical concert. The students prepared speeches in Russian and in English and gave presentations to illustrate their work. All the students demonstrated a good level of digital skills – they used different applications to create their presentations and products of inquiries. The PYPX is an excellent experience of a public speech for our students. It’s also a big challenge – the students went through lots of reading, searching, analyzing and organizing information. We congratulate our 4th graders on successful presentations and thank them for their hard work!



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