The International Children’s Book Day at MES

The International Children’s Book Day at MES

April 5, 2021

The world celebrates the International Children’s Book day on April 2 to mark the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, a world-renown writer of fairy tales.

Grade 6 students of "Presnya" campus prepared a video assembly which was shown to all MES students during the Counselors’ Hour.

Traditionally, this is the time to conclude the results of our school-wide project Pro-Reading. Students tell about the books they have read and the books with the best feedback go into the list of “The Best Books at MES.” We hope that new books will enrich this list this year.

During April, all students will participate in the "readers conference" presenting the books they read and on April 29 students will vote electronically for the book they liked the most.

We would like to invite all students and teachers of MES to take part in this event.

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